1. Where is the Cam located?

The Laurel Canyon Camera faces North through a window in my house. I live in a neighborhood above the Sunset strip, on a road off Laurel Canyon Blvd, in Los Angeles, California.

2. What type of Camera is it?

The Cam is a Panasonic KX HCM250 indoor wireless webcam.

3. How does the Laurel Canyon Cam page work?

Once a minute, the camera transfers a 640x480 picture to the canyoncam.gizmola.com webserver. A number of preset camera positions have been programmed into the cam, and one of these is randomly chosen every three minutes. Presets are set for an Eastern angle, a Northern Angle, a North West Angle, and one that tilts downwards towards a street below our house that runs east-west through the Canyon. The server stores these images for seven days. In order to decrease the number of mostly dark pictures, the camera stops operating between 9pm and 5am PST.

4. I see you do things like show weather, and add Text to the image. How do you do that?

I use various abilities of the dynamic web content language called PHP.

5. Where does the weather information come from?

See This Link.

6. What is Gizmola.com?

Gizmola.com is my personal website, where I explore my inclination to pontificate on various subjects including family, friends, work, history, literature, and life in general. The name of the site comes from that of a favorite pet (Gizmo) and my location (Los Angeles).